The Wedding Proposal Cast and Crew


The Wedding Proposal is a personal documentary where the filmmaker takes stock of her life style and romantic choices during the year of her 35th birthday. During this time I examine the institution of marriage, opinions and attitudes about marriage and marriage options from the viewpoint of professional African-American women my age and older.

Wedding Proposal men in crowd with flowers

Technical Information

Running time 21 minutes

Shot on Panasonic DVX 100, Super 8

Edited on AVID


Aspect Ratio: 4:3

Stereo Sound


Anjanette Levert

Cinematographer/Sound Recordist

Yvie Raji


Elmer Bowman

Editor Assistants

Suhuan Linn

Anjanette Levert

Associate Producers

Kimyada Rivers

Carla Delgado

Boom Operator

Eric White

Additional Sound

Donni Coley

Production Assistants

Janeill Rivers

Gerika McDade

Bachelor Men Hold Roses

Bachelorette Men

Keenan Thomas; W. Michael McDade; Cedric Dunans; Earl A. Hammond; Danny Singleton  and D. Chris Rhodes


Eunice Levert

Joseph Levert

Kimberly Levert

Melissa G. Austin

Sylvia Johnson

Susan Anthony

Tedra Miles-Boyd

Danette Walker-Fernandez

Abdul Alim Mubarak-Rowe

Wedding Proposal women

Sassy Sistas

Marea Battle; Beth Espy; Tamara Wilson; Beryl Barnes; Kari Manns-Leewood; Denise Burgess; Brenda Bernard; Camille Feanney; Krystal James; Heidi Peters and Kristi Budd