Al the Ladies say

I moderated this talk about the film ‘All the Ladies Say’ and B Girls in Hip Hop on September 18, 2020 with Ana Rokafella Garcia, Melissa Ulto, Aiko Shirakawa and Lady Champ.

A presentation of Third World Newsreel, the Documentary Forum at CCNY and Full Circle Productions, and media partner Family Pictures USA.

All the Ladies Say is a groundbreaking documentary about the Bgirls in Hip Hop – made by the filmmaker, breakdancer, enterpreneur, educator and activist, Rokafella.

All the Ladies Say highlights the lives of 6 iconic female Break dancers- Bgirls- and the challenges and triumphs of carving a niche in a male dominated genre from 2006 to 2011. Dancers from the global scene make cameos as well as female Graffiti writers, MC’s and the late DJ Pam The Funkstress/RIP.

Watch the full video here: